Procedure To Install Heart Ring With A History Of Diabetes?

Illustration of Procedure To Install Heart Ring With A History Of Diabetes?
Illustration: Procedure To Install Heart Ring With A History Of Diabetes?

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Diabetes or also called diabetes mellitus is a condition where the sugar in the blood (glucose) is too high. In fact, blood sugar levels that are too high can be as a poison that damages blood vessels and other organs. There are 2 types of diabetes mellitus, the first often occurs at the age of children, and the second is common in adults. We will discuss more about type 2 diabetes mellitus. In some people who have diabetes, sometimes the person does not pay attention or experience certain symptoms (symptoms of diabetes such as frequent thirst, frequent urination, easy hunger, wounds difficult to heal, itchy skin- itching, etc.). New people experience these symptoms if the damage from the pancreas (which produces the hormone insulin to enter blood sugar into muscle cells) is significant enough. This is also what causes a person to not realize that he has had diabetes for years. In fact, there are a lot of complications from diabetes on other organs, such as:

Complications in large blood vessels: interruption of blood flow to the brain causing strokes; impaired blood vessels in the legs (causing peripheral arterial disease which is initially characterized by pain in the legs when walking); and blood vessel disorders in the heart that can cause coronary heart disease. Complications of small blood vessels: kidney (causing diabetic nephropathy which is the beginning of kidney failure); affect the eyes and cause diseases of the retina (diabetic retinopathy); and nerves (pain due to diabetic neuropathy) Disorders of nerves and peripheral blood vessels can cause foot injury, and diabetic ulcers. In your father's condition, complications from sugar affect the blood vessels in the brain causing a stroke. What needs to be sought is whether the symptoms of shortness of breath experienced are a result of disorders in the heart or other organs (eg lungs or kidneys).

Disturbances in the heart are usually felt when on the move, for example chest pain on the left or center that feels like being crushed by a heavy burden, pain radiating to the jaw, neck, neck, or left arm, and accompanied by nausea, cold sweat, and shortness of breath. This complaint may initially be reduced by rest, but if it is severe complaints may not disappear with rest. Usually the doctor will do an EKG examination. If the results do not indicate a heart attack at that time, the treadmill test can be done on patients. Treadmill examination aims to determine whether there is a blockage in the heart's blood vessels or not, but this examination can not show the exact location of the blocked blood vessels. So, if the results of the treadmill test lead to a blockage of the heart arteries, the doctor will plan to do a heart catheterization (aiming to see a picture of the presence / absence of blood vessels that 'feed' the heart / angiography). If there is a blockage in the heart's blood vessels and the blockage is considered significant enough to cause a heart attack, the doctor will place a ring that serves to keep the blood vessels open and drain blood to the heart.

You can read about cardiac catheterization and the procedure here.

As for the transfusion, the transfusion aims to stabilize the condition of your father before the action (the risk of bleeding when the action can be worse in patients with low blood / Hb deficiency). It should be noted also the cause of the decrease in Hb in your father. Anemia or lack of blood itself can be caused by many things, such as bleeding (bloody chapter, trauma), chronic disease (kidney failure), lack of iron, and others. Usually the doctor will do other blood tests to find the cause, such as kidney function tests, and so forth.

Consult and do not hesitate to ask your father's heart specialist about his current condition and plans for further management.

Also read: Heart ring procedure and the risks.

So, hopefully this will be useful and your father's condition will recover quickly.

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