Procedure Treatment Of Root Canals That Have Died?

Illustration of Procedure Treatment Of Root Canals That Have Died?
Illustration: Procedure Treatment Of Root Canals That Have Died?

, I need info on how the root tooth treatment procedure is dead and what type of drug is used, because when my dental treatment is given a liquid that feels very painful in my teeth.

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Dental root canal treatment is a dental treatment procedure that is indicated for the treatment and maintenance of conditions that are damaged or perforated so that they can function better due to tooth decay beforehand. Tooth root treatment is often done due to tooth decay, causing complaints of pain in the teeth, loose teeth, or swelling of the teeth, or interference with eating.
The procedure for handling root teeth, will be provided by dentists who treat patients with prescribed root tooth care standards.
In connection with your question, any complaints of pain that you feel may be due to the condition of your teeth that do require dental root treatment. Because the indication for the treatment of tooth root is tooth decay and diseased teeth, this complaint may be a accompanying complaint of the condition of your teeth or an infection in the roots of your teeth before dental treatment.
In general, dental root care is done by knowing the condition of your teeth and tooth roots, so that the radiological examination can also be done. Furthermore, root tooth treatment starts with anesthesia to help facilitate the treatment process on your teeth. Furthermore, the doctor will perform cleaning and treatment of infected or inflamed tooth roots, so the doctor can provide sodium hypochlorite solution that can help care for your tooth roots. If all processes are going well, the doctor can plan dental fillings.
Therefore, you should discuss directly with your dentist regarding the procedures for treating root teeth, as well as the drugs given and accompanying complaints that you feel. All this is because your doctor better understands your condition and the technical treatment of your root teeth. Thus, you will better understand and be able to continue with your dental care plan.
For now, follow your dentist's instructions, so that during this initial treatment, get better treatment results.
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