Prohibition Of Baby Boys Bathing Early In The Morning?

Illustration of Prohibition Of Baby Boys Bathing Early In The Morning?
Illustration: Prohibition Of Baby Boys Bathing Early In The Morning?

Good afternoon … I have a 4 month old baby. I have been massaged and the masseur said that the baby boy should not take a shower in the morning before 9 am because he said it could make a baby whiny and could also catch a cold. that’s right ?? thanks for the answer

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Hello Lis, thank you for the question to

What you hear from the masseur is just a myth. There is no medical connection between a baby boy who showers in the morning and a baby who becomes whiny and catches a cold. Boys or girls can be bathed at any time according to the needs and schedules made by their own parents.

Basically, babies do not need to be bathed too often (babies are more at home so their bodies will not be too dirty). Bathing 3-4 times a week is enough for the baby. However, if your baby is sweating a lot and his body is sticky or he really likes bathing, you may bathe the baby every day. Make sure you use water that is warm enough and not too hot, and don't bathe it too long to keep the baby's skin from drying out (just 5-10 minutes).

You can bathe the baby at any time (morning, noon, or night), but bathing the baby at night is known to make the baby calmer and help the baby sleep better. Therefore bathing the baby can also be included in the baby's pre-sleep activities.

Regarding massage to the baby, you should be more careful in choosing a baby massager. Make sure you choose a baby masseur who is certified to massage the baby (not just any masseur). You yourself can also do massage for your baby. You can read the following article to find out how to massage the baby.

Here are articles that you can read about the ideal time for bathing babies and bathing at night for babies

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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