Prolonged Cough Accompanied By Body Aches And Weight Loss?

Illustration of Prolonged Cough Accompanied By Body Aches And Weight Loss?
Illustration: Prolonged Cough Accompanied By Body Aches And Weight Loss?

I want to ask, my mother often keeps sick people sleeping on the floor with only a small thin mattress in the air-conditioning room, keeps sleeping less, tired because of doing all the tasks, continues to have heartburn as well because of lack of food, now coughing, body achy, and go down the body what advice should I do? To the doctor? Has it gotten worse?

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complaints of cough, weight loss, etc. that are felt by your mother, can be caused by several possible causes:

1. Tuberculosis infection (TB): Banteei infection that can attack all parts of the body, especially the most common is the lungs. Pulmonary tuberculosis is characterized by an old cough that is more than the same as 2 weeks, a long fever with not too high temperature, weight loss, night sweats, weakness and decreased appetite

2. Lack of food intake: lack of food intake can cause the body to decrease endurance, making it susceptible to various diseases such as coughing, aches, weight loss and so on

3. Gastritis: taste in the stomach which is marked by heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and there is a history of consuming acidic, spicy, coffee, late-night eating and a mindset with a lot of thoughts (stress)

To find out more about the causes, diagnosis and treatment of complaints that your mother has experienced, you should immediately consult a pulmonary specialist, or general practitioner at the nearest health center or clinic.

prevention can be done:

1. Food healthy and nutritious food, by reducing consumption of coffee, sour, spicy and so on which can increase stomach acid

2. Reducing the habit of sleeping in a thin, cold ground

3. Get enough rest in a place with good air ventilation

4. Many consume mineral water at least 2L per day

5. If your body is still sore or in pain, you can take painkillers such as paracetamol but not for long-term use

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