Prolonged Cough And Rapid Breathing?

Illustration of Prolonged Cough And Rapid Breathing?
Illustration: Prolonged Cough And Rapid Breathing?

my child has been coughing for almost 6 months and the cough sometimes stops in 2-3 days, usually when it rains or when he is cold, he usually coughs again.

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Cough is actually a normal response of the body to help the body help remove foreign objects such as germs, dust, allergens and others that enter the respiratory tract. Coughing is also not a disease but a symptom that can be a sign of certain health problems.

The type of cough in children is the same as adults, namely cough with phlegm or dry cough. You also need to recognize the type of cough that occurs in children. Recognizing the type of cough will help determine the therapy or the next step.

In a dry cough is usually the body's efforts to eliminate disorders that occur due to itching or irritation in the throat. In addition, a dry cough is often accompanied by a cold or flu which is often caused by a viral infection. In coughing up phlegm is a natural effort from the body to expel phlegm from the lungs.

Based on the time cough can also be divided into two acute cough and chronic cough. If your child has a cough that does not heal within 6 months it is classified as a chronic cough. Where in children if the cough has exceeded 1 month can usually be said to be a chronic cough. Here are the types of chronic cough you need to know:

Chronic dry cough without phlegm is usually a symptom of a sinus disorder or viral infection Chronic cough with phlegm or accompanied by mucus usually indicates a bacterial infection or fluid in the lungs Coughing stress, coughing is generally caused by stress or stress and is not related to any infection Coughing barking "that is cough caused by a viral infection generally attacks children Whooping cough or pertussis is classified as a dangerous disease that is contagious, and can cause death in patients with infants aged under 1 year. Several factors can cause chronic cough in children for example:

Postnasal drip is a condition where there is excessive mucus that accumulates in the back of the throat to cause an asthma cough, usually associated with triggers such as cold weather, dust exposure. In addition to chronic cough can also be accompanied by shortness of breath and wheezing infections for example: pneumonia, pertussis, tuberculosis. Bronchitis It is best to consult a pediatrician's doctor if the cough does not improve within 1 month. To determine the cause the doctor needs to do a direct physical examination on your child and other supporting examinations such as blood laboratories, lung x-rays, mantoux tests if needed. Furthermore, the doctor will determine the next treatment steps that are suitable for your child's condition.

And you should not give cough medicine to children without the advice of a doctor. Because children under the age of 6 years are not recommended for consumption of cough medicines without doctor's advice. For that there are several steps that can be taken at home that can help relieve coughing in infants, for example:

Give more breast milk (ASI) to help the body fight infection, because breast milk itself contains endurance that is useful for the body of the child against infection when he is sick If the baby has a fever, give a fever-reducing drug Keep the child's body so that it gets enough fluids to avoid dehydration, for example, give warm tea, warm lemon juice with honey can help prevent dehydration as well as overcome a dry throat. If coughing occurs constantly, take advantage of steam water by sitting with your child while the child inhales steam from a bowl of hot water for about 10 minutes but it has to do with parental supervision. Avoid children from room conditions that are too cold for example air conditioning, or cold weather for example by using blankets or raising the temperature of the air conditioner to be hotter More about: Responding to Coughing in Children

However, if you see signs that the child is having difficulty breathing such as tightness, chest traction becoming deeper and faster, there is nasal lobe breathing, the child becomes weak should immediately see a doctor at the nearest hospital emergency room.

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