Prolonged Cough When In The AC Room?

Illustration of Prolonged Cough When In The AC Room?
Illustration: Prolonged Cough When In The AC Room?

I have a complaint that the cough is prolonged and when I’m cold or in an AC room I always cough and have a little shortness of breath I have had x-rays and the results are good the doctor said after that I was given medicine and a few days later I recovered coughing again for a month more after that I go back to the beginning now, because if I say my corona there are no significant signs, please help, what is the recommendation of medicine, my immune system is weak, but every day I drink redoxone to increase stamina thanks beforehand ..

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Hi Siska, thank you for asking the team.

Prolonged cough can be caused by the following things:

 Asthma Smoking. Pulmonary infections, such as TBC, pneumonia, or whooping cough. Inflammation of the respiratory tract (bronchitis). Gastric acid reflux disease. Coughing and shortness of breath every cold air can also be caused due to allergies. The main principle for treating allergies is to know the triggers for allergies and stay away from them. To relieve the symptoms of allergies that arise, doctors can give antiallergic drugs, such as histamine. With the current corona virus outbreak that is recommended to stay at home, you can do the following tips to prevent or resolve your complaints at home:

- Avoid allergens that you have such as cold air, dust, food, medicine

- Enough rest

- Consume warm drinks with extralemon

- Take a shower with warm water

- Manage stress well

- Eat nutritious foods and eat regularly

- Avoid smoking, cigarette smoke or air pollution

- Consumption of enough water

- Avoid contact with sufferers who have respiratory problems

In addition, the corona virus outbreak is expected not to leave the house except for something urgent, consumption of nutritious food, maintain endurance, keep a distance from people around, avoid crowded places, multiply the consumption of water, and routinely wash hands with soap.

If your complaint does not improve, then you can see your nearest doctor.

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Thank you, hope that helps.

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