Prolonged Cough With Phlegm Bleeding?

Illustration of Prolonged Cough With Phlegm Bleeding?
Illustration: Prolonged Cough With Phlegm Bleeding?

Hello wr.wbHello, doctor, I’m a student. So here goes the doctor, I often suffer from coughs for a long time. Last June, I had a cough for 1 month and sometimes I had a fever. I checked with the doctor and said there were no alarming diseases. Now, I have experienced a cough that has lasted for more than two weeks and was accompanied by a sore throat, there were two days at a time when I did not relay I suffered from a fever along with this cough. My throat also hurts and feels like there is swelling that makes me feel sick to swallow. Two days ago I was very scared because suddenly I took out my stool with fresh blood. Sometimes my heart also feels like beating. What disease do you think my doctor? And what specialist doctor I should consult with? Thank you doctor .. do’ain I get well soon yaa thank you wr.wb

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 I can feel the worry that you feel. Hopefully your complaint will get better soon.
 It looks like you have chronic tonsillitis, which is an inflammatory disease of the tonsils or tonsils caused by a bacterial infection. This disease is also called tonsillitis. Where sufferers will experience a lump in the throat caused by enlarged tonsils, sore throat, coughing and fever.
 Aside from being caused by a bacterial or viral infection, your complaint might also be caused by a streptococcus bacterial infection. Where these bacteria attack and cause inflammation of the throat. Toxins released by bacteria can attack the joints and heart. Swelling, redness and pain will occur in the joints. Whereas in the heart can arise palpitations or palpitations.
 So the heart complaints that you experience can be a complication of strep throat, but may or may not. The following are the most common causes of palpitations, namely:
 1. Sports
 2. Emotions, stress, panic attacks, anxiety disorders and other psychiatric problems
 3. Consuming drinks or foods that contain caffeine, such as coffee
 4. Eating high-calorie foods in large quantities
 5. Certain diseases, such as rheumatic heart disease, hyperthyroidism and others, you can read in full here.
 Associated with bloody chapter with blood that comes out is fresh blood (hematokezia), can be a symptom of the following diseases, namely:
 1. Hemorrhoid or hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids
 2. Anal lacerations or lacerations
 3. Diverticulitis or small bags formed in the digestive tract
 4. Rectal polyps, which are the pedestal in the last part of the large intestine that is directly related to the anus (where the stool is)
 5. And others you can read more here.
 For the time being, try drinking lots of warm water, warm honey mixed with lime juice and warm tea. In addition, you can take cough medicines (such as ambroxol) and fever-lowering drugs as well as throat pain relievers (such as paracetamol). Also include taking vitamin C. You can get vitamin C from food supplements that contain vitamins or from natural food ingredients, such as dragon fruit, oranges, soursop, papaya and others. To relieve heart palpitations, relax your mind by taking a deep breath and then exhaling slowly through your mouth. To prevent fresh red blood from returning during bowel movements, consume lots of high-fiber foods (like papaya) and drink lots of water.
 For complaints of respiratory problems, have you consulted the nearest doctor? Because it is also possible that you are infected with the Corona virus, which is currently epidemic. If you have consulted, you can follow the directions below. But if not, you can immediately consult a doctor at the nearest health facility. Henceforth you will be directed by the treating doctor.
 Now, if you experience complaints of airway disorders accompanied by high fever or shortness of breath or chest pain, immediately consult a lung specialist. If the heart palpitations do not get better and even more disturbing, especially if accompanied by shortness of breath, chest pain or swelling in the legs, then immediately consult a specialist heart doctor. Meanwhile, if the blood that comes out with stool does not stop and a lot that causes you to experience anemia which is characterized by pale, weak, weak, dizzy dizzy and shortness of breath, then you immediately consult a specialist in internal medicine. If the complaint does not interfere and endanger the above conditions, then you stay at home, wear a mask, regularly wash your hands and disinfect objects that are frequently touched.
 Thus hopefully useful.

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