Prolonged Fever Management?

Ass .. my 15-year-old child has a fever every day for 1.5 months already done an Anna fola test urine test ultrasound sputum X-ray test and so on but the results are negative, all have done care in one month twice but still fever. ..what else else to do … At present keep on giving me a fever-lowering drug …. I’m confused what else should I do if I have to do an x ​​ray or CT scan ?? … thanks

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Fever is one of the most common medical symptoms, which is not a fever, but a medical condition that is caused by other underlying factors. Fever is an increase in body temperature above the normal body temperature limit which is more than 37.5 degrees Celsius. Fever that occurs for a prolonged period of more than 3 weeks with a treatment period of at least 1 week or consultation with a doctor at least 3 times and has not yet obtained a clear medical conclusion can be categorized as Fever of Unknown Origin (FUO) or fever without an obvious cause. In this case, it requires a complete evaluation covering in-depth medical interviews, direct physical examination and certain investigations or investigations that are relevant to the person's clinical condition.

Some possibilities include:

Bacterial infection
Virus infection

Parasitic infections, such as intestinal worms
Autoimmune disease

X-ray examination, CT scan, etc. are supporting examinations that are used to confirm the diagnosis, each of which certainly has a medical indication to be performed. It would be better if you can consult with a pediatrician so that your child can get a direct examination, because in any case it requires a direct examination and the doctor who examines your child more directly who knows the conditions that occur

For a while:

Make sure your child's fluid intake is adequate, considering dehydration can also cause an increase in body temperature
Sleep and rest enough
Maintain a healthy and regular diet
Maintain personal and environmental hygiene
Maintain cleanliness of food and cutlery and drinking

So much information from me, hopefully it helps.

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