Prolonged Itching All Over The Body Does Not Go Away?

Illustration of Prolonged Itching All Over The Body Does Not Go Away?
Illustration: Prolonged Itching All Over The Body Does Not Go Away?

Night. R nI am Reifi, 28 years old. R nI am feeling an itch that never goes away even though I have already taken medicine for itching. R n At first I thought because the dust became itchy, after taking a shower the itching disappeared. But no I also lost the itching. Until now, for about 1 week, I felt itching from head to toe, my face felt thick because of itching. The neck and chest had blisters because I scratched them. As long as I remember, before this heartburn I didn’t eat anything strange that I don’t usually eat. Or take any medicine .. r nI am confused what to use for drugs. R n Only the drugstore called Insidal, which I haven’t tried yet. drink. because he said it was a high dose of medicine. r nDo I have to check the blood when it’s like this ?? r nPlease answer. r nThank you

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Hi Reifi. Thank you for asking

Everyone has experienced itching on the skin and this is certainly very annoying. Itching or pruritus in medical terms, can be felt in certain parts of the body or throughout the body and can be temporary or last a long time with a very disturbing itching sensation. There are many factors that cause skin itching, such as:

Mosquito or insect bites
Certain food or drug allergies
Skin disorders or diseases such as eczema, dry skin, ringworm, psoriasis, scabies, skin allergies to certain substances, hives, chicken pox, shingles, tinea versicolor, etc.
Chronic diseases such as impaired liver function leading to increased blood bilirubin levels, diabetes mellitus, kidney failure, thyroid gland disorders, etc. In cases of chronic disease, it is usually itching that is felt throughout the body and areas of the skin that are repeatedly scratched can cause irritation, injury or infection of the skin.
Pregnancy in women

Some ways you can do it yourself at home such as:

A soothing gel or cream containing aloe vera can help soothe, moisturize and relieve itching on the skin
Compress the itchy area with a cloth dampened in cold water
Use a mild soap
Manage stress well
Enough rest
Wear clothes that are loose enough
Keep your body, clothes, bed and environment clean

Antihistamine itch relievers such as loratadine or cetirizine and corticosteroid creams can help treat itching on the skin

Immediately consult a doctor if you experience the following conditions:

Itching all over the body is very severe and lasts more than 2 weeks
The itching sensation interferes with your activities and sleep
The cause is not clearly known
Itching causes sores or skin infections
Home care can't help

We recommend that you see your doctor so that you can do a thorough examination and to get an appropriate and safe treatment.

Hope this information helps. Best regards, Dr. Shirly

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