Prolonged Leg Pain After Sprains?

Illustration of Prolonged Leg Pain After Sprains?
Illustration: Prolonged Leg Pain After Sprains?

Doctor, I sprained my right leg from falling off the motorbike, then sprained my foot towards the inner leg, 1-5 days had disappeared swelling due to sprains, Every day I walk about 1 kilometer distance and mediocre when I walk or run. But when I kick the ball with my left foot, my right foot feels dislocated in the sprain. Explanation please.

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Hello Izhar,

Ankle sprain (sprain in the ankle) is an injury that often occurs due to wrong resting motion with the foot (roll, twisted, turned) or impact on the ankle. As a result of the trauma can occur tears in the ligaments that maintain the position of the bones in the ankles and help stabilize the joints.

Symptoms of ankle sprain are:

 Pain in the ankle, especially when weight is glued on the leg Pain when the ankle is touched Swelling around the ankle Bruises Limited joint movement Sounds like popped when ankle sprain occurs The diagnosis of ankle sprain is from clinical symptoms and physical examination. Investigations such as X-rays, ultrasonography and MRI are useful for evaluating bone injuries (eg fractures) and soft tissue conditions (ligament tears).

Ankle sprain therapy is adjusted for the severity of the injury. Initial treatment can be done by giving a cold compress, immobilizing (keeping it from moving) parts of the ankle, for example using elastic bandages, lifting the foot higher than the position of the heart when lying supine, and resting the sprained leg by reducing the foot rest on the foot and activities which causes pain in the leg.

Other therapies that may be needed by ankle sprain patients are administration of medicines to reduce pain, the use of assistive devices such as canes, physiotherapy, and surgical therapy if total ligament tears and healing does not occur after conservative treatment is done.

Generally it takes 1-2 weeks for first-degree ankle sprain (ligament stretch only occurs). At degree II (there are partial tears) or degree III (total ligament tears) healing can occur for longer that is 4-12 weeks. Improper handling or ankle sprain that does not heal completely but has been forced to do heavy activity can cause complications including:

 Chronic ankle pain Instability of ankle joint arthritis Arthritis of the ankle Thus my explanation, may be useful.

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