Prolonged Loneliness Until Often Sick At The Age Of 19 Years?

Illustration of Prolonged Loneliness Until Often Sick At The Age Of 19 Years?
Illustration: Prolonged Loneliness Until Often Sick At The Age Of 19 Years?

Hello, I’m Triana, I’m 19 years old. Lately I have often felt a prolonged loneliness. Sometimes the condition can disappear after 1-2 days but after that, this feeling of loneliness reappears. Sometimes I often feel anxious and sometimes it often results in a deteriorating body condition like now. Please help. Thank you

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Hello, thanks for the question.

Prolonged loneliness can not only affect mentally, but also physically. Loneliness is the sense of being isolated from the social environment. This can be bad for health. People with persistent loneliness will find it easier to feel tired, experience sleep disturbance, experience excessive anxiety, and be at risk for depression. In addition, the immune system will also become weaker so that it is easier to contract the disease. People with prolonged loneliness will also experience other organ disorders such as digestion, heart disease, etc. as well as significant weight changes. This can cause serious health problems. If you feel disturbed by the current experience, try to consult with a psychiatrist or psychiatrist to be examined and given appropriate treatment. It's better to make it a habit to live socializing with others, tell problems experienced with those closest to you, make it a habit to talk with others, do positive activities to fill your spare time, look for new hobbies and activities that you can do, join or gather with people positive people, and try not to shut down.

so, hopefully it helps.

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