Prolonged Menstruation And Vaginal Discharge After 3 Months Of Injection?

Illustration of Prolonged Menstruation And Vaginal Discharge After 3 Months Of Injection?
Illustration: Prolonged Menstruation And Vaginal Discharge After 3 Months Of Injection?

using the mainstay of injection that you have 3 months. last injection lasted 3 months until May. From December to menstruation now, vaginal discharge smells.

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KB injection is a method of contraception that contains hormones. There is a KB injection that is 1 month (every 4 weeks) and there is also a 3 month (every 12 weeks), 1 month injection KB usually contains a combination of estrogen and progesterone synthetic hormones, while 3-month injection KB contains synthetic hormone progesterone only. This hormonal birth control affects the condition of hormones in the body so that it can cause menstrual cycles to be disrupted, a person can experience continuous menstruation or may not menstruate at all. In addition, hormonal changes due to family planning injections also often cause excessive vaginal discharge in women. Generally not dangerous because it is a side effect of the KB injection itself. Leucorrhoea is usually clear, transparent and odorless. In addition to the influence of hormonal contraception, this vaginal discharge normally comes out as vaginal lubricant especially before menstruation, during ovulation, breastfeeding, sexually stimulated, when stressed, and so on. However, if vaginal discharge arises with a pungent odor such as fishy or rotten, thick, foamy, or lumpy like cheese, gray, green or yellowish, thick liquid with blood, large amounts and sticky, and cause vaginal itching, heat and sore especially during sexual intercourse or when urinating can be suspected of other causes, such as infections caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites, or viruses. Some diseases that can cause vaginal discharge include vaginalidiasis, bacteriotic vaginalis, and trichomoniasis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and others. If these complaints arise and accompanied by continuous menstruation should consult a gynecologist, the doctor will carry out direct examinations and additional examinations, such as blood tests, urine checks, vaginal fluid analysis checks, ultrasound, etc. Handling will be adjusted to the conditions and causes.During treatment or during an infection should avoid sexual intercourse (if you are sexually active) and keep the cleanliness of the female organs. It's better to eat healthy and nutritious food, maintain ideal body weight, avoid stress, cigarettes, and alcohol. Perform regular exercise, adequate rest, and meet fluid needs. If menstrual bleeding is felt so much that it causes weakness, pale, headache, and dizzy vision, or accompanied by severe pain you should not delay to see a doctor. To prevent vaginal discharge, it is better to:

Change panties as often as possible to keep the vagina dry and clean Choose underwear made from cotton, which absorbs sweat Clean and dry the vagina after each BAB or BAK Avoid using scented soap, gel, or other antiseptic ingredients in the vagina Wash the area of ​​the woman with warm water Thus, hopefully it helps.

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