Prolonged Menstruation To More Than 1 Month In Implantable KB Users?

Tonight, I want to ask, I have menstruated for 1 and a half months, and two days ago my period stopped, and today my period returned, I used KB implants 6 months ago and for 6 months my period continued, I continued My implant is the second time, the first time I used was not menstruating for 2 years, and 1 year my menstruation was normal, please find a solution, what medication or action should I do, thank you.

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Hi Resti,

Changes in menstruation is one of the side effects that can be caused by the use of hormonal contraception (pills, injections or implants). Menstrual changes that can occur in the form of no menstruation at all (amenorrhea) or excessive bleeding (menorrhagia). Although it is a common side effect, you should still check with your doctor about this because excessive bleeding can disrupt daily activities, heavy menstrual pain, and anemia.

If indeed after being examined by a doctor there are no other possible causes of your menstrual disorders, then your doctor can suggest the use of non-hormonal contraception to resolve your complaints. Related to menstrual disorders you can be given certain hormonal pills or anti-bleeding drugs to treat bleeding that occurs.

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