Prolonged Sadness Accompanied By Feelings Of Suicide?

Illustration of Prolonged Sadness Accompanied By Feelings Of Suicide?
Illustration: Prolonged Sadness Accompanied By Feelings Of Suicide?

Hello, so it’s like this … Going on straight away … for years I have experienced continuous sadness, suicidal thoughts, self-injury, and being indifferent to being AnSos. The reason is … because in the 1-6SD class, I kept being bullied … In a word u0026sup2 ;, if it’s still physically rare … but never … then, gradually, I used to be quiet, quiet, AnSos, Lazy, And do not care about the environment, every night I always remember that and feel depressed .. family? Oh sorry my family doesn’t care. I have never told them … beg for a solution ..

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Hello Savela_

Thank you for the question.

Continuous sadness, suicidal thoughts, self-injury, and ignorance are unpleasant experiences, and we can understand that. To be able to determine whether someone is depressed or not, there are so many things that must be assessed so that people do not tend to diagnose themselves. Usually depression lasts more than 2 weeks, and is characterized by a minimum of 5 of the symptoms below;

Feelings of sadness, subjectively or objectively (observed by others).
Decreased interest in things that are usually of interest.
Changes in appetite patterns (increase / decrease).
Changes in sleep patterns (frequent sleep / insomnia).
Being inclined to be slower in activity or even unable to remain silent.
Decreased energy, feeling weak continuously.
Feelings of hopelessness, guilt and worthlessness.
Reduced concentration.
Emerging thoughts of suicide.

Besides depression, there are other possible illnesses with similar complaints:

Bipolar disorder
Anxiety disorders
Psychotic disorders

You should consult with a psychiatrist to be able to find out the cause of your condition, because the doctor can diagnose you and provide appropriate treatment, such as giving psychotherapy, or medications such as antidepressants.

The following things can help reduce the problems you have:

Trying to bring out the contents of the heart to the closest person, not necessarily to the family, can to close friends. Believe that you are not alone and that someone cares about you.
Try to pursue your hobby slowly and look for activities to divert your mind into something positive.
Practice 30-60 minutes of meditation regularly.
Enough sleep, a minimum of 6-8 hours per day.
Improve your lifestyle by exercising diligently 3-5 times a week.
If you feel suicidal, go to the nearest health service.

Hope this helps ...


dr. Talitha

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