Prolonged Sadness Accompanied By Increased Sleep Time?

Illustration of Prolonged Sadness Accompanied By Increased Sleep Time?
Illustration: Prolonged Sadness Accompanied By Increased Sleep Time?

Hello doctor, I’m 19 years old. R nI want to know if I am depressed or not, r nDuring this week, I feel sad almost all the time. R n2 times I meet friends I can chat happily , but in my heart I still feel sad. r nFor the past few months I rarely socialize because I am preparing myself for the entrance selection for PTN. r nMost of my daily life is alone. r n r nMy mother feels almost everyday. annoyed / angry with family members one after another. My mother is very perfectionist, so even small mistakes get angry. R n r n For all this time I feel normal, and try to minimize mistakes so as not to be scolded every day. R n r nEvery day before dawn I usually just heard my mother grumble to herself while sweeping the floor of the house. I did not dare to go out of the room and help her because my mother was nagging about me. R n r nThe essence of each of her nagging was that I had cost her education, I was not diligent u0026amp; Regret for having a child like me. r n r nUsually I am sad and in the afternoon I have forgotten and lost my sadness. r n r nHowever, since a week ago … my sadness has not disappeared. r nEven because I really felt I couldn’t be at home, I went to stay at a friend’s house for 1 day and 1 night. When at a friend’s house, I was moved because I was already considered part of his family. However, my friends’ family did not know my problem at all. R n r n u0026amp; when I returned home, I met my mother … r nI was afraid of my mother, r nI was crying because I didn’t want to be in my mother’s house. r n r nI avoided being close to my mother, because I am very sad and feel depressed from every word he said, the intonation of his voice, the look in his eyes …. r n r nMy sleeping patterns become excessive … even during the day. r nI choose not to eat because I do not I wanted to be close to my mother to avoid her words which, even though they might be used to make me feel sick. r n r nEvery scolding / annoyance of every family member, even if it wasn’t on me, I felt pressure … and started to feel really right useless. r n r nThis has happened several times in previous months … but the duration is not as long as now. r n r nSorry, my explanation is too long. r nI want a more conclusions accurate …. am I under stress ?? r nThank you very much 🙂

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Hello Seina,

Thank you for asking on the forum.

The complaint you feel can be caused by several things, to find out the underlying cause of your complaint and to know the right treatment, anamnesis (doctor-patient question and answer) is needed, a physical examination, if necessary, supporting examinations such as blood tests. Here are some of the possibilities:

Stress, is the body's natural reaction to certain changes or events, stress can be dangerous if you handle it in negative ways such as smoking, alcohol addiction, drug use Depression, a mood disorder that can affect feelings, patterns of thought, and how to carry out daily activities. . Tend to feel sad, hopeless, blame yourself, feel worthless. It would be nice if at this time you checked yourself into a general practitioner, so that a consultation can be done, if necessary, the doctor will refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Besides that, keep living a healthy lifestyle, always trying to think positively, being active in organizations (at school or at home), dividing time well between learning and having fun (relaxation) such as channeling hobbies.

So hopefully it can help.

dr. Annes

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