Prolonged Sadness Accompanied By Loss Of Interest In Hobbies And Do Not Want To Eat?

Illustration of Prolonged Sadness Accompanied By Loss Of Interest In Hobbies And Do Not Want To Eat?
Illustration: Prolonged Sadness Accompanied By Loss Of Interest In Hobbies And Do Not Want To Eat?

a good afternoon. I’m Dewi Ageng. I am 21 years old this month. I want to ask about my situation. I have felt this way for a long time. but lately it feels much worse. I feel sad. I cried suddenly. I cried so hard. then I stopped. then it will be like that if you see the thing u0026lsquo; maybe u0026rsquo; sad. but to be honest I don’t feel it is sad .. but I want to cry. I just want to cry. I don’t eat for weeks. I only drink water. as of today I have not eaten from January. my body became very thin. I felt I did not want to live. I pray to God to be picked up quickly. back home. I feel there is no hope for me in the future. I am afraid to think of a future that is not what I want. I often think too much. think of something that hasn’t happened then cry over it until sobbing. I also think of things that haven’t happened until I’m anxious and scared myself. I really like using makeup. but lately I feel lazy to use it. I also don’t want to meet other people. I just want to be at home. shut up. and alone. when I came out of the room I felt dark. my head hurts to the point of falling. I need some time to be quiet so that light can enter my vision. Before I could fight with my boyfriend. but our relationship has begun to improve. but my situation is still like this. my parents also fought and considered divorcing. I try not to think about it. I don’t know how to deal with my problem. what is going on with me?

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Hello Jude, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Previously, I was sorry about what you are experiencing right now. The complaint you mentioned can lead you to psychiatric disorders. Mental disorders here does not mean you are crazy, but mental disorders are mental disorders that affect your mindset, mood, to daily behavior. Symptoms can range from mild / harmless symptoms to severe / self-threatening symptoms.

Some mental disorders that may occur to you are:

Anxiety Disorders.
Combined between several possibilities above.

Some of the above abnormalities can be established based on direct examination by a psychiatrist, the doctor will conduct a detailed history, and physical examination that supports or is needed.

At this time, I suggest you to come to a psychiatrist, remembering that there is no disturbances in you, you can still distinguish the abnormalities that occur in you. And also considering the complaints that you are experiencing at this time have entered the heavy category / because you already have a desire to commit suicide.

At the moment what you can do besides consulting a psychiatrist is:

Get enough rest.
Share your problems with people you trust to lighten your burden.
Meditation can calm your soul.
Try opening yourself up to others.
Do some positive activities such as sports, doing religious activities, doing some hobbies, recreation.
Ask for assistance to others during your treatment.

That's all the answers I can give, thank you very much :)

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