Prolonged Stress

Illustration of Prolonged Stress
Illustration: Prolonged Stress

Hello doc, I want to ask, it’s been almost 3 months I have always been anxious and afraid that I will get a severe illness even though I have consulted with many doctors, when I feel a sensation in my body panic immediately, such as when I have a headache or chest pain and my stomach immediately panicked and worried excessively and myself considered that I had a severe illness. Do you think I should go to a doc psychologist? thank you

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Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

The condition that you experience is usually related to psychological conditions that can be

General anxiety disorder usually worries about various things
Panic disorders appear effects such as shortness, rapid breathing
Hypochondriation is the belief that you have a certain serious illness

This should be overcome can be started with several things like

Try to convince yourself slowly
Ask for help from the people closest to you
Start thinking positive
Avoid things that trigger you to think that way
Get closer to God and pray
Relaxation and meditation

If it continues to be disturbing and cannot be overcome, you should consult your complaint to a psychologist or psychiatrist for further consultation.

Thus information may be useful

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