Prolonged Tingling?

Illustration of Prolonged Tingling?
Illustration: Prolonged Tingling?

Hello, good evening. I want to ask. Earlier, from half past six in the afternoon, until now, I had pins and needles on my hands and feet. This morning, my head suddenly got dizzy, I felt like I wanted to pass out. other than that, my urine is always yellow, and I often get vaginal discharge. I’m worried that I will get a dangerous disease. What disease do I have? please enlighten me, thank you.

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Tingling is a sensation such as feeling numb or numb or like needling, which can sometimes occur in normal conditions, such as after sitting for a long time, or if a certain part of the body is depressed for a long time. This happens because the area does not get enough blood supply for a long time, thus stimulating nerve cells and causing these sensations. Normally, this condition can improve by itself some time after the depressed part is released from pressure. In addition, in people who are stressed, anxious, or in a cold room, this condition can also occur.

In addition, tingling can also occur due to several other diseases, which generally cause longer tingling symptoms (not improving for several hours or several days), such as:

Peripheral neuropathy
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Hernia Nucleus pulposus
Diabetes mellitus
Kidney failure
Brain tumor
vitamin deficiency
Drug side effects

Regarding the color of urine, normal is yellow to brownish yellow, depending on one's dehydration status (fluid adequacy). Therefore, the color of your urine is still within normal limits. The abnormal colors are red (mixed with blood), dark brown, smelly, etc. Likewise, vaginal discharge is a natural fluid of a woman's body that functions to maintain the cleanliness and humidity of the female organs. What you need to worry about is if the vaginal discharge changes in odor, color, and texture, which can be caused by abnormalities of the reproductive organs, or an infection.

Because all the symptoms that you experience can also occur under normal conditions, it cannot be concluded that you have certain diseases. The things you can do right now are:

Avoid positions where one area of ​​the body is depressed for a long time, including your sitting and sleeping position at night
Pay attention to the cleanliness of your feminine area
Keeping your nutritional and fluid needs met
Avoid holding urine too long
Avoid stress, smoking, and alcohol consumption

If your complaint does not improve within a few days, do not hesitate to consult a general practitioner directly, so that a more complete examination and treatment is appropriate for your condition.

So, hopefully you can help.

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