Prominent Wound With Bleeding From The Nose?

Illustration of Prominent Wound With Bleeding From The Nose?
Illustration: Prominent Wound With Bleeding From The Nose? Bing

Doctor, I’ve been picking my nose lately. The mucus in my nose is dry so I pick my nose. I was shocked, when I picked my nose why there was blood. Then I cleaned it with a tissue, when I checked with a flashlight, it was true that the wound seemed to stick out and the middle part was red. I’m afraid what is this wound? :”(rnrnMy nose is also itchy, yesterday I inhaled the air conditioner in the car so it hurt when I inhaled the air, until I covered my nose. It hurts like that. Please help. Thank you

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The complaints you experience can be caused by various possibilities such as:

Scratches Malignant Infection

Dry nasal discharge will usually be very sticky on the walls of the nasal cavity. If you force it to take it, sometimes it will cause injury from the effort you put in. Infection of the nasal cavity can also occur, which usually occurs in the hair follicles of the nose. The presence of this infection can cause lumps such as pimples which if broken will cause wounds. Malignancy in the nose can also be the cause of the injuries you experience.

Wounds that occur due to scratches will usually heal in 3-5 days. However, if the wound becomes infected, it may heal itself with a longer time or require therapy. If there is a tendency that it is not an ordinary wound, it's a good idea to see a doctor. The doctor will examine you directly to determine what you are experiencing. Later if you really need therapy, the doctor will provide appropriate therapy. For now, avoid picking at the wounds you experience. Also avoid giving drugs or herbs that are not recommended by the doctor.

I hope this helps.

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