Prompt Vaginitis Treatment?

Illustration of Prompt Vaginitis Treatment?
Illustration: Prompt Vaginitis Treatment?

Good evening, I want to ask what medicine for vaginitis? The problem is that it has been uncomfortable for 2 days to have vaginitis. Thanks

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Hello good morning Iravaena.

Before answering your questions further, it is necessary to ascertain whether the vaginitis diagnosis that you mentioned is a diagnosis from the doctor who examined you, or is it just your guess?

Vaginitis is an inflammatory condition of the vaginal wall. The causes can be:

Bacterial, fungal, or parasitic infections that are not related to sexually transmitted infections, sexually transmitted infections, such as trichomoniasus, chlamydia, and genital herpes.

Vaginitis conditions can have different symptoms depending on the cause. In general, complaints of vaginitis are a lot of vaginal discharge, color and smell, vaginal itching, BAK pain, pain during intercourse, spots, lower abdominal pain, etc. One of the causes of vaginitis can be identified from the discharge and symptoms experienced:

In vaginitis caused by a yeast infection, the discharge looks like powdery or milky lumps, which are white in color. Itching is very dominant in this fungal infection. Vaginitis due to bacterial vaginosis has a characteristic vaginal discharge that appears gray or white, watery, and has a fishy smell. No itching was found. Vaginitis due to trichomoniasis is characterized by a lot of vaginal discharge, greenish yellow, looks frothy, smells fishy, ​​causes pain during BAK and sexual intercourse. Vaginitis due to genital herpes is characterized by vaginal discharge accompanied by pain around the sex organs, accompanied by blisters around the vagina

To determine what medication you should take or use, you must first know whether what you are experiencing is indeed vaginitis and what is the cause of the complaint (whether due to fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc.). Treatment of vaginitis will vary, for example for vaginitis due to fungal infection the drug is an anti-fungal drug, for viral causes anti-viral drugs are usually given, while for bacterial and parasitic causes the medicine is antibiotics. Medicines for vaginitis cases in general are drugs that are not sold freely and must use a doctor's prescription.

We highly recommend that you check your complaint with your doctor first. If the results of the questions and answers and physical examination can identify the diagnosis, the doctor will give the appropriate medicine. However, if deemed necessary, the doctor may recommend performing a vaginal swab examination (lab examination of vaginal fluid).

While waiting for the schedule to see a doctor, it is recommended that you take the following suggestions:

Do not use special soap for the feminine area, change clothes at least twice a day and whenever you feel your underwear is damp / wet, dry the feminine area with dry tissue or dry clean towel after each BAK and CHAPTER use underwear that is not tight and absorb sweat wash the female area from front to back every time after BAK and BAB, avoid sexual intercourse for a while

That's all, hope it helps.

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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