Proper Handling Of Arthritis?

Illustration of Proper Handling Of Arthritis?
Illustration: Proper Handling Of Arthritis?

Morning, I want to ask, are there things and foods that should be avoided, and for the long term whether this disease can be cured, I happen to have declared arthritis since 3 months ago, how to appropriate treatment so that the pain does not return again.

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Arthritis can be many possible triggers, ranging from rheumatoid arthritis (autoimmune disorders), osteoarthritis, gout arthritis (gout), septic arthritis (blood infections that spread to the joints), psoriatic arthritis (psoriasis), and so on. Clinically, arthritis is characterized by joints that feel pain, warmth, redness, swelling, stiffness, thus limiting movement. What distinguishes is the location of its appearance, other symptoms that accompany it, and the results when an objective examination is done, such as blood tests, joint fluid aspirations, X-rays, MRI, CT scan, and so on.

Depending on the type, arthritis can be cured (for example gout arthritis), some can not (for example rheumatoid arthritis). However, even though it cannot be cured, the symptoms of arthritis can be controlled with proper treatment so that patients can continue their activities well without significant obstacles.

Our advice, you check your condition directly to the doctor or doctor of internal medicine so that it can be distinguished as to what really is the disease you are experiencing, and what is also the best management. In addition, in order to relieve symptoms due to arthritis, in addition to undergoing treatment according to doctor's advice, you should also:

 More rest Keep your ideal body weight Regularly exercise, especially sports to stretch muscles around the joints, such as swimming, yoga Do not cause excessive pressure and excessive movement in inflamed joints When symptoms of severe inflammation appear, first rest the area of ​​the inflamed joints, compress with ice stones or warm water, do not be carelessly sorted, and position it higher so that the swelling is reduced There is no food that must be avoided or consumed for people with arthritis. But for some cases, for example in arthritis that occurs associated with high uric acid (gout arthritis), the consumption of foods containing high purines and oxalate should be limited.

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