Proper Handling Of Minus Eyes And Blurred Vision?

I have been nearsighted since I was a child, when I was 19 years old. Some days I wear glasses minus 1.5 but still farsighted too, even more obvious if without glasses, yesterday when I checked on my eye computer minus 5. But when I wear glasses minus 5 it’s not comfortable at times, and it’s still clearer without eyeglasses. If my left eye is closed, I can’t see, because everything is unclear. But if my eyes are open I still farsighted, but still clearer without glasses. How is the right handling? I want to be able to see clearly, is this a hereditary factor? You see, all my younger siblings are like that too. And is there a solution?

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Hello Shofiah,

Complaints of vision become blurred or a sharp decrease in vision are often caused by minus eyes. Minus the eye occurs due to the shadow of objects that should fall right on the retina, but instead fall in front of the retina. This condition will cause complaints of blurred vision when seeing far.

Minimize eye examination is by testing the sharp eyesight, testing with trial lenses and special tools, ophthalmoscopy, tonometry, and slit lamps if necessary. The minus eye can be corrected by wearing negative / minus lenses. The strength of the glasses (minus how much) is known by trial lens examination and special equipment / computer. As for the healing of the minus eye to date can only be done with surgery such as LASIK surgery.

If the blurry eye cannot see clearly even though you are already wearing glasses, there are 2 things that can happen, namely the strength of the lens is not right, or the cause of the blurred eye is not only because of the minus eye.

Blurred eyes, apart from refractive disorders (including minus, plus and cylindrical eyes), can also be caused by several other factors such as:

Eyes tired and eyes dry
Glaucoma / increased pressure in the eyeball, requires immediate treatment
There is an eye infection, can be a fungal, bacterial, or viral infection
Wounds and inflammation of the cornea / keratitis
Cataracts and macular degeneration, usually found in elderly people
Complications of other diseases such as diabetes and hypertension

Have you ever checked yourself into an eye doctor? If with glasses there is no improvement in vision, I suggest that you consult your ophthalmologist so that further examination can be done to ascertain the cause of your blurred eyes. If your younger siblings also experience the same complaint, it's good your younger siblings also examined. If the cause of the blurry eye is already known whether due to minus eye or because of other conditions, then the doctor can provide more appropriate treatment for you. If it is because of the minus eye, the doctor will provide glasses with the most appropriate and comfortable lens strength for you, whereas if it is caused by something else, then the treatment will be adjusted to the results of your examination.

In the meantime you should maintain eye health in the following ways:

Set the reading distance and distance of using the gadget
Minimize the use of gadgets
Adjust the room's lighting to be comfortable
Don't rub your eyes
Rest your eyes regularly during gadget usage
Try to keep your eyes from fatigue

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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