Proper Handling Of Recurrent Bartholin Cysts?

Illustration of Proper Handling Of Recurrent Bartholin Cysts?
Illustration: Proper Handling Of Recurrent Bartholin Cysts?

, I want to ask. If a Bartholin cyst appears twice, what is the better treatment? Then what after surgery can be free from batholin cysts?

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Cyst is a lump or mass filled with fluid, bertolin cysts are formed when there is a blockage in the channel of Bartholin's glands. Bartholin is a gland that functions to release fluid as a lubricant in the vagina during intercourse. These glands are usually small and invisible to the eye. But if there is a blockage it will cause a lump that can be felt when touched which is called a bertolin cyst.

Blockage of the bartolin gland can be caused by various possibilities such as infection, long-term irritation, and inflammation.

For treatment and treatment will depend on the size of the cyst and complications such as infection. If the cyst is small in size, there is no sign of inflammation and does not interfere usually not given specific drugs. However, if the cyst is large enough, accompanied by signs of inflammation or infection such as pain, swelling, redness, and pus appear treatment needs to be done. Management of Bartholin cysts includes medication, abscess removal, and removal of the cyst.

Usually cyst removal in surgery is done when the bertolin cyst causes symptoms that make you uncomfortable. Here are some of the operations that can be performed on cases of bertolin cysts:

Marsupalization of cysts, which is a procedure that is used to remove fluid in the cyst, then the ends of the skin are sewn and leave the surrounding skin part open so that the cyst remains open to prevent the formation of new cysts. This procedure can be combined with catheter placement.
The procedure for removing Bartholin's glands is done if other procedures are unsuccessful. This surgical removal requires general anesthesia before removal of the Bartholin gland.

Handling is done depending on the condition of the bartolin cyst itself. This requires a physical examination directly on you. We recommend that you consult a surgeon to discuss the selection of treatment that is right and right for you. Surgery alone does not guarantee you are free from bartolin cysts.

However, to prevent bartolin cysts, you should always maintain a good area of ​​genital hygiene. In addition, it is also necessary to use a condom for example during sexual intercourse to prevent bartolim cysts from becoming infected due to sexual infections.

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