Proper Osteoarthritis Checkup?

..dr where I was treated before I was diagnosed with osteotritis and was referred to an orthopedic .. from suggested to a Rheumatology specialist .. while in Pekanbaru there was none .. only there was a specialist in internal medicine .. how is it connected? joint pain (osteotritis) with an orthopedic doctor? I’m afraid the doctor will be wrong..thank you

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Hi Icha .. Thank you for the question given.

Arthritis or osteoarthritis can affect the joints of the hands, knees, hips and spine. Symptoms that arise are: joint pain and stiffness, muscle weakness, decreased joint flexibility, and sounding like there is friction when the joint is moved. Risk factors for osteoarthritis are: women, over 50 years of age, overweight, have had injuries or surgery to the bones, excess activity.

Treatment of osteoarthritis can be done by a doctor of internal medicine, subspecialty rheumatology. If your city does not have a rheumatology subspecialist, you can go to a specialist in internal medicine.

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