Proper Postoperative Lipoma Recovery?

Illustration of Proper Postoperative Lipoma Recovery?
Illustration: Proper Postoperative Lipoma Recovery?

want to ask what is the cure for benign tumors after surgery and the reasons for the selection of therapy in tumor cases r nThank you

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A lipoma is a benign lump under the skin that contains fatty tissue. Most lipomas are small, but can grow to more than 6 cm in diameter.

The complaints that are experienced are usually only lumps on the skin without pain. Can cause painful symptoms if it grows by pressing on nerves.

The diagnosis is made through a physical examination by a doctor to assess the lumps. You will find a lump, feels soft, moves when pressed. Additional tests may be performed with a fine needle puncture to determine the contents of the lump.

Lipoma usually does not need to be done any action. Surgery is performed with cosmetic indications because the patient is usually uncomfortable with the appearance of the lump without any other complaints. How to excise the lipoma by making an incision on the lump, then removing the lipoma tissue. Post-excision therapy can be given antibiotics and pain relief on the recommendation of a doctor.

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