Proper Tests For Swollen Lymph Nodes And Possibly HIV?

Hello, want to ask again. What is the most accurate way to reduce swollen lymph nodes? Especially for patients who are worried about contracting HIV

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Lymph nodes (lymph nodes) are part of the lymphatic system found in various parts of the body. This gland functions as a shelter and proliferation of white blood cells which play a role in maintaining the body's resistance to disease, especially infection. If you experience swelling, the lymph nodes will form a lump that is round like a marble. This swelling can occur due to many factors, including inflammation, infection (including HIV), and even malignancy. Swollen lymph nodes are most easily experienced in the area around the neck, armpits and groin. In the medical realm, swollen lymph nodes are termed lymphadenopathy.

Lymphadenopathy in people with HIV can occur at various stages of the disease course. This lymphadenopathy can occur due to the body's form of defense against viruses that enter the body, but it can also be a sign of a secondary infection that occurs due to decreased immunity. There are no specific features that differentiate lymphadenopathy in people with HIV from lymphadenopathy due to other infections. However, in general, HIV sufferers who experience lymphadenopathy will also show various other clinical symptoms of HIV, namely more susceptibility to infection (especially fungal infections), drastic weight loss, skin rashes, chronic diarrhea, fever that doesn't go away, excessive sweating, and so on.

Diagnosing the cause of lymphadenopathy needs to be done comprehensively, starting from interviews, physical examination, and also some supporting tests. Types of supporting tests that are often done to identify the cause of lymphadenopathy include blood tests, X-rays, ultrasound, biopsy, and so on. The choice of which type of examination needs to be carried out ideally is determined directly by the examining doctor by considering the clinical appearance of each patient. Specifically for patients who have a history of HIV risk behavior, screening is also necessary, namely through the VCT (voluntary counseling and testing) procedure.

To undergo a proper examination regarding suspected lymphadenopathy, you need to consult directly with a specialist in internal medicine. With a thorough evaluation, your doctor can certainly identify the right treatment to treat your condition. If it is true that you have HIV infection, you can administer ARV (anti retroviral) drugs to inhibit viral replication and several other treatments according to clinical symptoms that appear.

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