Proper Wound Healing?

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Morning, A week ago I was scalded with hot water on my shoulder, all the lumps of water have deflated and the wound doesn’t feel sore anymore when I clean it, but some of the peeling skin has turned pink and some skin is also still black. for black skin, should I peel it off to make it pink or let it dry and peel off on its own? and how long does it take for the skin to dry? Are there any drug recommendations to help the skin healing process

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Complaints Burns  cannot be underestimated because extensive burns can cause serious conditions. Burns are skin damage caused by heat which causes various symptoms, namely reddened skin, blistered skin, blisters, and scorched skin. Healing of burns depends on the severity of the burn and the treatment of the burn.

The severity of the burn depends on:

·         the thickness of the layer of skin that is burned

·         the size and location of the burn

Causes of burns: for example hot water, electricity, sun exposure, chemicals

·         age and health factors of burn sufferers

Because of this difference in severity, the healing of burns cannot be equated for each sufferer. It is possible that your burns are so severe that they take longer to heal. In the meantime you can continue treatment while continuing to care for burns and monitoring the condition of the wound every day. Because of the damage to the skin, infection is easy to occur. If the burn continues to swell, the redness increases, pus-like fluid appears from the wound, or you have a fever, I suggest that you immediately go to the nearest doctor for control.

Click on the article below for more details: burn

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