Prostate Stimulation?

Illustration of Prostate Stimulation?
Illustration: Prostate Stimulation?

Hello, nI have just learned about prostate stimulation which I know is the p-spot in men which can cause orgasm, through penetration. I want to ask if women are also able to have orgasms through anal sex? n

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From the information you have conveyed, orgasm in humans leads to sexual activity that is directly related to clitoris-vaginal orgasm or penis orgasm.

However, some individuals from existing research reports, can feel non-genital orgasms when kissing, sensations in the skin, ears, or during anal sex.

Likewise in women, there is nerve activity that works and is responsible for coming from the same center, namely in the pelvic area. So that there are several cases of individuals who are defecated will have an orgasm.

Of all this, what needs to be considered are the risk factors for sexual activity with anal sex. Some of the risks that may occur are increased HIV infection, the risk of rectal cancer, hemorrhoids, and defecation disorders.

Therefore, consider a greater risk than the sensation you desire. After all, vaginal intercourse is a form of proporisonal sex; and however, risky sex and sex outside of marriage increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

Consult with a doctor sexologist regarding the sex behavior you do.

That is the information we can convey, also read analsex.

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