Protein Levels In Nephrotic Syndrome?

Illustration of Protein Levels In Nephrotic Syndrome?
Illustration: Protein Levels In Nephrotic Syndrome?

Hello doctor. I have nephrotic syndrome for 2 months of routine control. The last Esbac lab results showed that the protein that I released in 24 hours was 0.00 grams. But my protein results are still +1 actually related to how yes thank you please explain

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Good morning. Thank you for asking

Nephrotic syndrome is an inflammatory condition in the kidney area that causes damage resulting in leakage in filtering protein levels. Usually the symptoms that are felt are the buildup of fluids in the body, feeling urinating becomes foamy, diarrhea, nausea, and fatigue. When an examination is carried out, it is usually found a low protein level in the blood and a high protein level in the urine which can usually be assessed by the quality of the urine dipstick and in quantity with Esbach.

This examination can be used to diagnose and control the conditions experienced to see the therapeutic response. The resultant patches obtained may be because they are obtained from different urine samples or different check times. However, to state that the therapeutic response is good and reaches better conditions or is called remission is when the level decreases or is negative during 3 continuous checks in one week.

Some conditions that should be considered are

Foods with sufficient protein
Adequate fluid needs and do not overdo it
Avoid high salt and fat consumption
Treatment is done regularly with the control of the doctor who gives the medicine
Do not reduce or increase the dose personally

If there is shortness of breath, swelling that is very severe, or difficult to move you should immediately control yourself to the doctor for immediate handling.

More information in this article.

Thus the information we can convey. Thank you hopefully useful

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