Providing Chocolate Flavored Formula Milk For Children Aged 2 Years?

Illustration of Providing Chocolate Flavored Formula Milk For Children Aged 2 Years?
Illustration: Providing Chocolate Flavored Formula Milk For Children Aged 2 Years?

Noon I want to ask. My 2-year-old child is lacking in a few days, now I am still trying to be scolded. But my child wants vanilla milk. Can I give chocolate flavored formula milk? Thank you

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Hello Prabaswara,

Thank you for the question.

At the age of 2 years, ideally a child is adept at consuming variations of food and drinks. Therefore, breastfeeding at this age is no longer required, and you can start weaning your child gradually.

Weaning a child from breast milk does not always have to be done with substitute milk. If your child does not experience problems with his appetite and drinking, his growth status is also good according to his age, giving milk as a substitute for breast milk is not something that must be done. However, it is not wrong to also give milk substitutes to children. This supplementary milk is especially useful if your child likes to be picky about food, has poor appetite, or may be delayed in achieving growth (for example, heavier or heights less). The selection of this type of substitute milk should ideally be consulted directly with a doctor or pediatrician, because the milk needs of each child can be different. Provided that your child is not allergic to chocolate, it is not forbidden to give chocolate milk to children aged 2 years. Most importantly, you give the milk within reasonable limits, do not overdo it, so that children avoid the risk of obesity.

The following tricks can be applied when weaning a child:

Give the child a good understanding of his condition that is getting bigger and must begin to learn independently
Wean the child gradually, not suddenly
Keep your kids busy with activities they enjoy, like playing, learning, interacting with their peers. That way, the child's desire to suckle can be distracted.
Avoid using pacifiers or pacifiers instead of nipples
Give your child praise when they succeed in not breastfeeding
Avoid scolding, punishing, or lying to children to be weaned

If you have problems when weaning your child, do not hesitate to consult directly with your doctor or lactation counselor at the nearest health facility.

I hope this helps.

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