Providing Supplements For Children Who Have Difficulty Eating?

Illustration of Providing Supplements For Children Who Have Difficulty Eating?
Illustration: Providing Supplements For Children Who Have Difficulty Eating?

Malem .. sorry I want to ask .. my child is really hard to eat it looks a bit lacking passion .. if I love stimuno is it okay ?? thanks

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First of all, you should first explain exactly how old your child is? Stimuno is a supplement that contains meniranhijau extract (Phyllanthus niruri). This supplement is given more to increase the body's immune system than to increase appetite. Stimuno supplements for children may be given to children over 1 year at the dosage according to the package. You must first read the supplement information before giving it to your child.

There are many reasons why children don't want to eat, including:

 the child is having an oral pain (for example due to thrush) the child is too full (because the distance is too short to eat, too much snacking, or too much to drink milk) the child does not like the food provided and so on. well according to the curve), then you don't need to worry too much. If you see a child's weight does not rise well, you see the child often looks weak, inactive, or you see certain symptoms that seem to bother your child, then you are advised to take your child to the pediatrician for further evaluation. Given the corona virus pandemic now, it is not recommended that you take your child to the doctor if it is not too urgent. For now, you can try the following:

 Give a gap of at least 2 hours between eating, snacking, and drinking milk Do not give too much milk if the child is over 1 year Give snacks that remain healthy for children (nutritious snacks high) Give a variety of healthy foods for children, cook food different ways to get the child's attention to eat it Don't force or scold the child when the child won't eat. Stop feeding, and try again 1-2 hours later. Don't feed while watching or playing

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