Providing Supplements For Children?

Illustration of Providing Supplements For Children?
Illustration: Providing Supplements For Children?

In the afternoon, I want to ask, I want to provide supplement for my child, my child is only 35 months old. What can I give? I’m boosting kids to increase his endurance? Because I was worried about the virus outbreak that was happening in our country to?

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the supplement you mentioned is a medicine to help maintain endurance. This drug is a consumer drug that is sold freely. which contains the active substance echinacea purpurea dry herb extract, zinc picolinate. This vitamin supplement can be given to children over 1 year. no problem taking this for children as long as it's not prolonged don't use this vitamij supplement for more than 8 weeks and stop if there are allergic reactions such as the onset of bumps, shortness of breath and itching or other symptoms of headaches and diarrhea.

When the immune system is weak, various viruses can indeed easily enter the body and cause infection, including the Corona virus. In an effort to protect themselves from this virus, many people begin to look at supplements to strengthen the body's resistance. The assumption that supplements can prevent Corona virus is not entirely true. Supplements can indeed provide us with the nutrition needed to support health and endurance. However, this does not necessarily prevent direct transmission of the virus. It should continue to consume nutritious foods every day. Nutrition from food, such as protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, plays a greater role in supporting your body's immune system than supplements. Even so, it doesn't hurt if you want to take supplements. However, make sure to use it as recommended in the packaging or doctor's recommendation. Although it does not include drugs, supplements can also cause side effects if consumed in excessive amounts. so don't consume this vitamin excessively mom or length that I said don't exceed 8 weeks. Consumption should be at least 2 weeks or end of the 1 bottle. better consumed with nutritious food yes mother.

you can read the following article: prevention of corona virus in children

remember keep doing social distancing / stay at home yes mother to prevent corona virus

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