Psychological Close Friends Ask?

Illustration of Psychological Close Friends Ask?
Illustration: Psychological Close Friends Ask?

u003cspan style = “color: # 000000; font-family: Tahoma, sans-serif, Arial, Helvetica; ” u003e u003cspan style = “font-size: 13px; white-space: pre-wrap; ” u003eGood afternoon. u003cem u003eI want to ask a psychological friend of mine, how to deal with it, the solution and how to cure it. u003c / em u003e So the story is that my friend often fusses with his household. I have spent years analyzing and being friends on both sides, analyzing and trying to reconcile the two of them until I know exactly the characteristics of each family, the father of the house, his wife, and their two children. but over time I felt an oddity with my friend, namely the father of the family. maybe this story is a bit long I will try to shorten by taking some examples of cases that often occur. and articulate what conclusions I understand. At the age of 40, my friend, the father of the family, met a friend who is said to be a religious expert, before he met this person they were rarely noisy, and my friend had a wise character. But after meeting, it was as if my friend was brainwashed. Every word of my friend’s acquaintance, my friend’s follow and example, but it can be said that it is digested raw. Such as: A lecture that is discussing life in the world, and the ustad made a metaphor that we will definitely leave the world. When we are old, what we are waiting for is death, so worship before dying. I myself understand that it is an allegory that tells us to continue worshiping. But my friend was different, after the lecture. these words become jargon and immediately become the goal of life. He becomes lazy to go to work and always says the jargon, sitting on the porch and staring at the sky and saying “I’m old, especially what I’m waiting for is just dead”. And all of that keeps repeating, every word of the ustad he gives an example, like easy to ignore other people even to his own family, does not admit differences, considers himself the most superior + true and angry. And the inherent and dangerous trait for him up to this point is that he is fond of lecturing others even though they do not ask and are older than him, and the severity of what he talks about is basic. who in an instant I could see the other person was offended. But my friends always didn’t notice. It was at the root of my friend’s household commotion. Their economy is already difficult but my friend is lazy. And to make matters worse, stingy with his wife. Every time his wife asks for money for shopping there must be a commotion until his wife cries, I am on both sides and understand his wife and also my low-income friend. But sometime after the commotion I accidentally saw the contents of my friend’s wallet which had a small amount of money. From that case, I can conclude that he is a cheapskate. I once tried to talk to my friend, if it was better if finances were left to my wife, but immediately refused angrily and said I didn’t believe in her family. what I see seems my friend considers himself the most superior in worship, and he considers those who do not worship or are not as diligent as he is an infidel. that’s why he does not trust the people and those closest to him. Currently my friend is 54 years old, I once asked the nature of my friend as a child to his parents, and he said the same thing with the current nature. stubborn, self-righteous, and greedy. Like the nature that has been hidden for a long time again, and added the qualities of the ustad2 acquaintances that he heard. I can judge that he is u003cstrong u003eegoist u003c / strong u003e I came across an article about being selfish and found compatibility at several points. u003ca href = “https: // too-high-not-good-bagi-human-life/ ” target = “_ blank ” rel = “noopener ” u003ehttps: // too-high-not-good -for-human-life / u003c / a u003e The nature of my friend is at point 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10,11,13,15,16,17,18 Properties: u003cstrong u003eShe could not endure the pain. u003c / strong u003e Just catch a cold she whispered begging for mercy. who owes and others. u003cstrong u003e Stubbornness, u003c / strong u003e he had been to a doctor and complained about his illness, after the doctor diagnosed him he rejected the doctor’s decision and admitted that the disease was more severe. I forgot the name of the disease. Until the doctor was annoyed, which made me feel ashamed of myself even though I only heard the story. And many other cases. u003cstrong u003eTalks often digress u003c / strong u003e, often misunderstanding him and the other person, what is asked is different from the answer, asked in red but the answer is green. this is at the root of his household commotion. in terms of the sentence what he said can also be said to be a little messy. Once, a neighbor who worked as a nurse admitted that his conversation was digressing and unclear. instead recommended his wife to take him to a psychiatrist. u003c / span u003e u003c / span u003e

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Hi anony123,

Thank you for asking

There are various types of psychiatric disorders that can be experienced by a person, ranging from mild to no special treatment, to severe, requiring further therapy by a psychiatrist. Determining whether a change that occurs in a person is a mental disorder or not, ideally it is not enough to rely on the information obtained from indirect observation as you do. An in-depth psychiatric interview by a psychiatrist (psychiatric specialist) is required along with a thorough medical examination to identify this. Therefore, it is more appropriate if you invite your colleague to check with the nearest health facility for further treatment regarding his condition.

We will try to make a brief description regarding your colleague's condition, but still, a definite diagnosis can only be made through a direct examination of a doctor.

Judging from the information you convey, it is likely that what your colleague is experiencing is a personality disorder. Personality disorder itself is a condition that causes sufferers to have ways of thinking and behavior that deviate from normal, making it difficult for them to understand and interact with other people, including their families. This condition will usually appear more clearly when a person reaches adulthood, although it does not rule out it also occurs in people who are younger or older. This personality disorder can arise due to a variety of factors, ranging from association, low socioeconomic conditions, lack of education, a history of past trauma (including the result of frequent bullying, domestic conflicts, neglect, sexual or physical abuse), habit of consuming alcohol or illegal drugs, as well as abnormalities in the structure or certain chemical composition in the brain.

There are also many kinds of personality disorders. And the most similar to the symptoms your colleague is experiencing is group B personality disorder, which is characterized by unpredictable thought patterns and behaviors, as well as dramatic and exaggerated emotions. Several types of personality disorders that fall into this group are borderline, antisocial, narcissistic, and histrionic personality disorders.

Apart from personality disorders, there may also be conditions that your colleagues experience due to bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, mental disorders due to alcohol consumption, dissociative disorders, depression, and so on.

As mentioned above, you should gently ask your colleague to see a psychiatrist in order to get proper treatment. It is not impossible, due to his condition, your colleague could do something that endangers him or those around him.

Currently, as a partner, you can do the following:

Frequently invite your colleague to discuss, dive into what is on his mind, and multiply empathize with him Help him solve the problem at hand, namely by being good listening, sharing joys and sorrows, not patronizing Invite your partner to do activities that have a positive impact for his life and his family, such as by recreation, reading, praying together, exercising, etc. Remind him to deepen his religion more, of course from reliable sources Make him comfortable with you, with his family, so that he does not seek escape to an inappropriate environment Keep him away from bad associations, for example with alcoholics, drug users, etc. Hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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