Psychological Problems?

I just faced a problem, so I finished giving out invitations. to my friends and I got a bad response from one of my friends he burned a letter of invitation from me “not angry just kidding” but I felt hurt and I told my friend and my friend actually bumped into my friend earlier and there was one my friend who heard. what I was afraid later that my friends would hate me for thinking I was a gunman …? Please find a solution

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Hello Alex

I understand what Alex was complaining about, but this can certainly be a lesson not to be easily offended by peer treatment. Even if your friend's response isn't what you expected, it doesn't mean that it is overwhelming your mind.

Sharing your burdens with others is good for your mental health, but make sure that the person we are talking about is someone who is wise enough to provide solutions or motivation so that your feelings are much calmer. So before telling the problem you are experiencing, it would be better if you consider who you can tell it carefully.

Advice for Alex is to be calmer when experiencing unpleasant treatment from friends, don't immediately get carried away with emotions. Chances are you will be hated by other friends because being labeled as a "fuss" could happen, while the solution to this is very complex, because it goes back to the personality type and way of thinking of your own friends, so there will be some who might get carried away. by the atmosphere so that they hate you but some remain neutral or maybe even support you.

So keep your relationship with your friends well, don't be easily offended by your friends' jokes, but if you feel it is too much, it would be better if you tell the person concerned directly, because your friend may not realize that his treatment makes you offended. .

In addition to sharing your load of thoughts with others, Alex can also manage mental stress by exercising, doing hobbies, meditation, and trying to think positively for the future, so don't focus too much on mistakes made in the past, but make it a lesson so that the same thing did not happen again.

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dr. Arnold

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