Illustration of Psychosomatic?
Illustration: Psychosomatic?

I have an anxiety disorder. I am often afraid of having certain diseases. I also really have stomach pain / GERD that doesn’t heal. because of this corona virus, my anxiety often arises. stomach symptoms that I experience often I feel as a symptom of this virus. because stomach acid continues to rise, my throat like mucus and itching also cough, even I had a sore throat. but the symptoms will only disappear for a few days and then after I have arranged to eat, calm down and take medicine. then the increase in patients infected with corona so I was afraid of fever. yesterday afternoon I went to the hospital to check my stomach when it was checked by my security guard, 37.7, around 1-2 hours later it was checked again to 38.1. I did feel hot inside and dizzy, but I did not have a fever. at night when I was calmer, and it was raining when my body temperature was checked to be 36.1. can psychosomatic really produce strange symptoms like that, or am I really sick?

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Hello Lydia, thank you for asking

Psychosomatic is complaints in the body that are triggered by mental or mental disorders such as anxiety, fear, stress, depression and others. Psychosomatic itself comes from psychic or soul and soma or body. So the mind can cause symptoms of physical illness such as:

 Heartburn or abdominal pain Headache Trembling Heart palpitations sweating In the case of you who are afraid of the corona virus, symptoms may be felt due to worrying too much and anxious about the corona virus so that symptoms of corona virus are suggested. Physical symptoms that arise are caused by an increase in nerve activity from the brain to the body. Then it is also influenced by the release of adrenaline into the blood vessels that often arise when we feel anxiety and anxiety. A sign that someone is experiencing psychosomatic is tend to feel too worried about mild physical complaints. The emergence of physical complaints usually occur when a person is under pressure or a heavy mental and mental burden. Complaints arising from stress triggered generally cause a similar pattern of complaints and occur repeatedly and sometimes even move around.

Before deciding that a person is psychosomatic, it is important to make sure there are no physical disorders that are actually experienced. Then the doctor will conduct a directed medical interview, a strong physical examination, and may be accompanied by an appropriate supporting examination will be able to determine a good diagnosis. If there is a physical illness, it must be treated immediately. As you are experiencing now, take medicine as directed by your doctor. Then if indeed the physical disorder is indeed caused by excessive anxiety, then you should consult further with a psychiatrist so that you can analyze more deeply on your mental problems.

To reduce anxiety and be more calm, you can manage stress by doing relaxation and breathing. You can also do sports and do your hobbies to be more positive. In addition, you need to also take care of your physical health by eating nutritious food, drinking 8 glasses a day every day, and getting enough rest. I hope this helps


dr. Sussy

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