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… My son is 1.3 years old. He is positive for pjb. R nI want to ask, my son’s eyes are a bit swollen at the end of this “, is this a symptom of CHD or for other reasons, just swollen, and not reddish and not watery.

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Puffiness around the eyes can be caused by many possibilities. Complications from certain congenital heart disease (CHD) can cause fluid retention in the body (the body stores too much fluid) which can cause swelling, which can be seen especially on the legs and face (including around the eyes). However, swelling around the eyes can also be caused by other causes, such as:

allergies too much crying sleep disorders certain viral infections (such as mononucleosis) thyroid hormone disorders kidney disorders liver disorders eye injuries infections of the eyes

To be able to determine the cause, you should take your child back to his pediatrician. Your pediatrician can do a direct examination to determine whether the swelling in your child's eye is due to complications from the CHD or caused by something else. Because your child has already been diagnosed with CHD, you should always take your child in control to the doctor regularly. Give the drugs prescribed by his child's doctor regularly according to the dosage and the rules of use given.

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