Puffy Eyes

Illustration of Puffy Eyes
Illustration: Puffy Eyes

Hello dock, permission to ask. My eyes are swollen sore but do not appear reddish red, already three days there are no signs of a flat. And the question is why have my eyes become like this? What’s the solution? I have tried compressing it with cold water but the result is still swollen. That is all, thank you doc, hopefully it will be answered quickly.

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Swollen eyes are generally caused by edema or a buildup of excess fluid in the eyelids or connective tissue around the eyes. But there are also many other things that can trigger this condition, so how to deal with swollen eyes must be adjusted to the cause. To get to know more about swollen eyes. Here are some types of causes of swollen eyes, including:

sleep deprivation: This condition usually results from excessive cortisone release when a person lacks rest.
Meibomian oralazion cysts are also included as one of the causes of swollen eyes.
Hordeolum: a type of infection that causes swollen eyelids. This condition is better known as bintitan.
insect stings

many possible causes if this does not improve mala cause severity should consult a doctor to have a direct examination so that the doctor can provide treatment according to the underlying cause.

There are a number of things you can do at home including:

before you have to know the cause because it can be done warm compresses such as cysts and bumps, warm compresses can help launch a blockage in the oil glands. Compress can be done 4-5 times a day.
at night, raise your head on a pillow to reduce the risk of fluid buildup.
Caffeine can help relieve swelling. Place the tea bags that have been wet and cooled, in closed eyes.
avoid doing sports or activities that are at risk of worsening swollen eyes.
use eye protection when traveling out of the house.
wipe the eyes with a gentle baby shampoo. How to wipe the baby shampoo in the hand, mix with water until foamy, then wipe the eyes with foam. Gently massage the eyes for a few moments, then rinse with clean water.
wash pillowcases and replace with clean ones.
avoid face and / or eyes from triggering inflammation such as sleep.
if swollen eyes are caused by beauty products, replace them with other safer products.
if the eye is swollen due to allergies, avoid consuming or being exposed to allergens.

Thus the info that I can provide hopefully can help you

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