Pull Out The Toenail But The Root Isn’t Pulled.?

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I just pulled out my left little toe because it hurts so my nails are turned and the nails are broken but the roots don’t get anything or not I’m afraid of infection

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The removal of the nails from the pads can cause minor injuries, but can also be dangerous. Frequently, this condition can be dangerous if there are sores that are quite extensive and deep, or also experience secondary infections, such as cantengan (paronichia), if not properly maintained. Not only that, it could also, your actions to pull out the nails also cause damage to the nail matrix, so that it also affects the growth of your nails later, for example to grow imperfectly, or may not grow at all.

Therefore, before it's too late, you better check yourself directly to the doctor or surgeon. Depending on the condition of your nails later, the doctor can provide a variety of treatments, such as enough with observation, or can also be given with medication and even surgery.

In the meantime, you should first do the tips below:

Clean the retracted nails with clean gauze moistened with NaCl or povidone iodine
Cover the nail former (but not too tight) to protect it from dirt and injury
Avoid your feet from moist and dirty conditions
Always wear comfortable, clean, dry, sized feet that fit your feet (not too narrow)
Do not carelessly apply drugs on toenails without a doctor's prescription

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