Pulmonary Tuberculosis And Pleural Effusion?

I am 22 years old, I have active pulmonary TB and pleural euphoria, when I initially lost 45 pounds to 40 kilos. and I have been on medication for 6 months and have been treated for 3 weeks, but the lungs have not healed, I have started working after 2 weeks after hospitalization at the Regional Hospital, now I am starting to complain about the area where the back hurts and the kidneys feel pain even though not severe, but this reminds me of the initial pain in the area of ​​pleural euphoric breathing, is I still at risk of recurrence if I do not do a check-up, because I often feel tired and are eager for good food

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Hello, thank you for the question.

Pulmonary TB accompanied by pleural effusion is a condition that illustrates that damage to the lungs caused by this infection is already quite severe, and requires immediate treatment and this treatment must be carried out routinely and regularly. It should also be noted that TB treatment must indeed be carried out for 6 months (at a minimum, it can depend more on the results of the assessment at the end of the treatment period) routinely and continuously whether it is felt there has been improvement or not during the initial weeks of treatment, due to the germs of this disease cannot be eliminated instantly and requires regular treatment to completely eliminate it.

Regarding other symptoms that you are feeling right now, the complaint might be caused by other conditions such as TB infection in the spine, TB drug side effects, kidney disorders, muscle aches and so on, so you should check the condition further to the doctor who is currently treating you for further evaluation whether the complaint is related to your current TB disease or the treatment you are currently taking.

As for the checkup, you must undergo a re-examination (both chest x-ray and sputum examination) in accordance with the schedule determined by the doctor during your treatment, which is generally recommended at the end of the second month of treatment, the fifth month of treatment and also at the end of treatment ( sixth month). This must be done to evaluate whether there has been improvement and success of therapy during your treatment for pulmonary TB, and to determine whether you need additional therapy or other therapy or not for your current condition. If later you have finished therapy and are declared cured, keep in mind that you are still at risk of contracting pulmonary TB again, because there is no permanent immunity against this disease. Therefore the best way is to avoid contact with other people with this disease.

For their own body weight, indeed people with pulmonary TB disease generally experience weight loss due to germs that cause this disease in general 'take' nutrients needed by the body to defend itself and infect other body tissues. Therefore, it is highly recommended for TB sufferers to consume foods that are high in calories and high in protein to help increase endurance in the treatment of this disease, and in general there are no specific food restrictions for TB disease. It is also recommended to increase foods such as vegetables and fruits during your treatment period. If you have difficulty finding suitable foods or foods that you feel comfortable eating during this illness, you should consult further about this problem with the doctor who is treating you or with a nutrition specialist to help you determine what foods you should consume. consumption adjusts to your current conditions.

For the time being, take the treatment that has been recommended by your doctor in accordance with the dosage and conditions that have been informed, do not stop, replace, reduce or add the drug dose without the knowledge and approval of the doctor because it can lead to the occurrence of more severe TB germ infections or even can cause TB germ resistance to the drugs you are currently using.

I hope this helps.

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