Pulmonary Tuberculosis Drugs?

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I want to ask my mother for tuberculosis 2 years ago, the medication was taken at the clinic and said that she was cured have diabetes too ??

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Hello, good morning Niaoke320.

Recurrent TB patients are patients who have previously experienced TB, then have completed their treatment and are declared cured, but have returned to display TB symptoms and the TB examination results come back positive. For recurrent TB patients, category 2 treatment is required. The duration of treatment for category 2 TB requires a minimum of 8-9 months, and can be longer depending on the response to therapy (monitored through periodic evaluation results, for example from chest X-rays or from sputum examinations). In TB patients who also experience DM (Diabetes Mellitus / diabetes), TB treatment is indeed a challenge. This is because DM patients tend to have a weaker immune system, so maybe treatment can take longer. However, the treatment does not differ between TB patients who experience DM with TB patients who are non-DM.

Regarding other ways to cure TB recurrence, unfortunately until now there are no foods, supplements, multivitamins, or herbal ingredients that are proven to cure TB. You need to know that TB is a disease caused by the bacteria M. Tuberculosis, so the treatment must be a combination of antibiotics. TB treatment currently used in Indonesia is the treatment that is by far the most effective against M. tuberculosis. The advice that we can give is that your mother and other family members do not give up on this treatment and continue the current treatment until it is complete and declared cured. By deciding on treatment unilaterally (without consulting the treating doctor first), withdrawal of TB can occur, and even TB that is resistant / resistant to treatment, which in fact can make treatment time much longer and the possibility of recovery becomes smaller. Perform routine control with a specialist in internal medicine and a doctor who specializes in pulmonary disease, to get treatment and evaluate the response to the treatment that has been given.

I hope this helps.

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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