Pungent Vaginal Odor After Menstruation?

Illustration of Pungent Vaginal Odor After Menstruation?
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afternoon I was a housewife at the age of 25 years a year ago I had surgery to remove the left fallopian because I was pregnant outside the womb and 3 months ago I was sentenced to have hydrosalpinx on the right tube that I wanted to ask why every time I finished menstruation miss v I had a very strong and wet smell some x change the panties if it is dangerous and can prevent pregnancy and how do I make that miss v does not smell very strong anymore because I did not work because it smells even though I use clna but smells smelly even though I use 3 already does not smell bad

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Thank you for your question.

Hydrosalpinx is a condition in which the uterine organ named fallopian tube becomes blocked, it can be caused by several factors, including: pregnancy outside the uterus, vaginal discharge, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc. Hydrosalpinx is marked with pain in the right or left abdomen, depending on which tube is blocked, in addition to pain it also sometimes bleeds.

Fluid that comes out after menstruation smells bad may allow you to experience an infection in your vagina, which causes you to experience vaginal discharge that smells. Need to know more, whether the color of the liquid is yellowish green, and accompanied by a fishy odor, then it refers to a bacterial infection. Meanwhile, if the fungal infection is whitish cheese colored and accompanied by itching, if the vaginal discharge is greenish and foamy it is caused by a parasite. This depends on the cause. Therefore, I suggest that you consult your obstetrician, to do a vaginal swab, so you know more clearly the cause of the discharge.

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