Pupil Shape As If There Are Cracks?

Illustration of Pupil Shape As If There Are Cracks?
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why my friend has different eye pupils, pupils like there are cracks / formed like a puzzle not fully rounded. Please answer

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The condition you describe is likely coloboma. Coloboma is a birth defect that occurs due to a disruption in the formation of eye organs in the womb (in the first three months of pregnancy). People who have coloboma look like they have lost a part of their eyes. This missing part can be any part of the eye, but the most visible is if what is missing is a small part of the iris (the part that gives color to the eye) or on the eyelid. Coloboma can also occur in deeper parts of the eye such as the lens of the eye, macula, optic nerve, etc. Coloboma does not always interfere with the sufferer's vision so it does not always require therapy. If indeed your friend is visually impaired, suggest your friend to see an ophthalmologist for an evaluation and further treatment.

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