Purchase Tempra In Infants Under 9 Months?

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sorry to ask, how many ML can be given to babies under 9 months for tempra-lowering drugs

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the drug you call contains paracetamol wherein paracetamol works as an antipyretic in the center of temperature regulation in the brain and analgesics by increasing the pain threshold. This drug is used to reduce fever / fever, post-vaccination fever and relieve pain.

You should use the dosage according to doctor's advice because the doctor will calculate the dosage according to your child's body weight not according to age, but if you buy without a prescription, your doctor can follow the rules of use as stated on the package.

if your child's fever does not go down using the drug for 3 days you should immediately see a doctor or a pediatrician to check your child to find out the cause of your child's fever. the doctor will do a direct fever check by measuring the temperature of your child's fever and do a physical examination if necessary it is necessary to do a blood check.

There are several things you can do at home to relieve fever

 brow compresses, between your child's armpits using warm water compresses provide adequate fluid intake so that your child does not become dehydrated use comfortable and loose clothing for your child so we can give you info

hopefully can help

healthy for your child

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