PVC Arrhythmia Is Still Felt After 6 Months Of Treatment Taking Bisoprolol?

Illustration of PVC Arrhythmia Is Still Felt After 6 Months Of Treatment Taking Bisoprolol?
Illustration: PVC Arrhythmia Is Still Felt After 6 Months Of Treatment Taking Bisoprolol? thecardiologyadvisor.com

Hello … I was sentenced by PVC arrhythmia doctor, I have been drinking bisoprolol for almost 6 months. But every day the beat still feels even though not often. Maybe only 4-5 times. I was already ultrasound and as a result my heart was normal with no problems. But why is the arrhythmia still often felt, is there a possibility of another disease? Thank you, doctor.

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There is a history of heart rhythm disorders due to a premature ventricular contranction or PVC that you have experienced about 6 months and have undergone treatment and treatment with your doctor; even though this complaint sometimes you still feel, but in general this complaint has been reduced and has not lasted too long compared to before.
This PVC is a form of cardiac arrhythmia that gives a picture of the presence of premature contractions of the heart's ventricles, causing accompanying symptoms, such as irregular heartbeat, palpitations over a certain period of time, loss of rhythm or uncomfortable complaints in your chest area. If the results of further tests that have been done by a doctor do not conclude the presence of heart problems that accompany or in other words the results of a heart ultrasound examination get normal results, then in general no risk is found that triggers PVC from your heart (either due to coronary heart disease, disease congenital heart disease, or heart muscle abnormalities). So you need to evaluate the self-care process that you have been through and evaluate there are still other risk factors that might aggravate this complaint, such as:
1. Stress
2. Lack of sleep or often sleep late at night
3. Physical fatigue
4. Eat too full
5. High blood pressure
6. Caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs
7. Certain medications, such as cold medicines
It is important that you consider healthy lifestyles and healthy eating patterns to help ensure that all your efforts are beneficial to support the health of your body and the health of your heart, such as:
1. Routine exercise according to doctor's orders
2. Idealize body weight
3. Avoiding stress and physical fatigue
4. Avoid sleeping late at night
If these complaints still bother you, it is necessary to discuss directly with the heart doctor who treats you, so the doctor will conduct an evaluation of treatment and treatment for you, so that the doctor can ascertain whether the drugs given are in accordance with the indications or need additional treatment. In addition, your doctor may also plan further examinations if needed to periodically evaluate your heart condition. What you need to emphasize is that the treatment process you are undertaking is long term, and requires your cooperation and efforts to help control this complaint. Treatment alone is not a single treatment step, because it still requires improvement in healthy living patterns and healthy eating patterns, especially if until now it is still not optimal.
Thus the info we can convey.
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