Quality Of Sperm During Ejaculation?

Illustration of Quality Of Sperm During Ejaculation?
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Hello n nI want to ask, my wife and I have 2 children, we are undergoing a family planning program with an interrupted intercourse system (external ejaculation). n nbecause the last ejaculation I forgot to pull and left inside. what I saw was very watery and clear. n nThank you.

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. When ejaculating, men secrete a fluid called sperm fluid. This fluid contains sperm cells, and other fluids that come from various glands. Normal sperm fluid is slightly grayish white or slightly yellowish in color, and the volume is approximately half to a teaspoon or about 2 ml. Among the things that affect sperm production are:

Poor lifestyle
Lack of nutrition
Lack of exercise

Normal sperm fluid generally has a thick consistency and turns thin about 15-20 minutes later. In your case, it is likely that the liquid is thin and clear in color due to the frequency of ejaculation too many times a day when compared to the ability of your reproductive organs to produce fluid and sperm cells.

In men, it is known that the refractory period, or the period between post-ejaculation until the penis can erect again. However, that does not mean that when the penis can return to an erection, the sperm fluid that will be released is also ready to return to the initial volume. Normally it takes about one day after ejaculating 1-2x before the volume and consistency of the sperm fluid can return to the beginning, so you can imagine the ratio to 6 times a day.

But if your question is the quality of the sperm cells that are contained in them, then it is not affected, only the production may be reduced. And to increase sperm viscosity, what you can do is maintain an ideal body weight, stay away from cigarettes, sleep 8 hours a day, avoid alcohol, exercise regularly, don't use clothes that are too tight, and consume more water, vegetables and fruit.

For additional information, external ejaculation can still lead to pregnancy because before ejaculation, when your penis is still in your wife's vagina, your penis has already released a lubricant or what is called semen, which if there are sperm cells in it (it could be due to residual previous ejaculation, or due to sperm cells 'rising' into the urinary tract), these cells can enter your wife's reproductive organs and fertilize her eggs. The possibility is small, but it can happen. So if you really don't want to have more children, you can consider using additional methods of contraception other than interrupted intercourse. So, hopefully it answers your question.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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