Question About Color Blindness Test?

Illustration of Question About Color Blindness Test?
Illustration: Question About Color Blindness Test?

Last night I wanted to ask something … This morning I took a health test and there I saw an eye test that is color blind I didn’t not see the color that was there I saw but I was confused what to answer …. I pointed to the line that was there in the book but the doctor asked for an answer whether or not there were numbers in the picture because there were only two dots placed randomly and irregularly shaped on the left side and a long vertical line that I saw so I answered there were no numbers on there but fear began to emerge when it could be that long line is the number 1 ….. am I wrong answer or what? Will this affect my health test?

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Hello Goddess,

Color blindness test is one of the tests that is quite often done during a medical checkup. There are several types of color blindness tests, including the ishihara test, Cambrigde test, preparation test, anomaloscope, and the Farnsworth Munsell test.

A test that is quite often used is the Ishihara test using a book containing a collection of images in the form of a combination of several dots with different colors and sizes. Here the test participant or patient will be asked to mention the number read and some are asked to connect 2 points according to the path that is visible.

To ensure the results of a color blind test, it would be better if you ask directly with the doctor who examined you because the doctor is more aware of the results of your answers. You don't need to worry for now. If you have doubts, you can try to do the color blindness test again and ask the doctor directly after you finish the test.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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