Quiet And Difficult To Socialize With Others?

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I am a little reserved person u0026amp; difficult to interact with others, my face may be a little scary but I am a good person. I find it difficult to invite to socialize with other people, but if I have become close with that person I am easy to socialize. Sometimes I can not look at the other person, and speak briefly and only important things. My lips are sometimes stiff to say u0026amp; say when dealing directly with my interlocutors. Is there a way that I can socialize like a normal person?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Difficult to socialize is actually a problem encountered by many people. Everyone has different personalities and with them, there are people who are easy to socialize and some are very difficult. On the other hand, people who socialize too easily usually find it difficult to find pleasure without the presence of others, and people who tend to be quiet are easier to find calm and excitement in their solitude.

What is clear is the key is that you state that if you already feel close to that person, you will be far more comfortable to socialize and that means there are no abnormalities in yourself, because in the end, you can still socialize even though it takes time to adapt.

Among the things you can do to practice your social skills is to speak in front of a mirror. Pay attention to what might still be fixed from you. Then try to enrich your horizons. Each person has different pleasures and it will be easier for you to start a conversation with someone else if you know a lot of things. Then don't easily feel that you offended others. If you are afraid that what you say offends someone, apologize before expressing it, and then ask if it offends him, because we really will not know how someone feels except by asking. In addition, you should have a friend who can correct you. If you want further, you can also take public speaking classes to practice your skills. And in doing all that, you have to put an understanding in yourself that you want to change, and you want to try, that everything that other people can do, you certainly can too.

Apart from all that, if you still feel you haven't reached the level of personality you want, realize that you don't need to be someone else. Just be the best version of your personality, but you don't need to lose its characteristics. So quiet is not a disorder, and as long as you can still carry out daily activities and have good social relations, even if it's not as easy as some people, it's okay. Accept yourself with all its shortcomings but focus on the strengths. So, hopefully answering your question.

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