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Hello, it’s been 2 weeks I stopped smoking but why do I still feel weak to the feet. I feel like going to sleep and lazy to do activities, sometimes the fingers also tingle and the view is also a bit scattered. How long do I have to get rid of it all ??

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Every cigarette smoked will increase the risk of developing heart disease. It is estimated that at least 20% of deaths from heart disease are caused by smoking. So that every patient who goes to a doctor and has a smoking habit is often given education to start smoking.

There are several ways to quit smoking, including:

Manage stress. Stress can be one reason someone to smoke because it is considered to make a person relax. How to manage it can be by listening to music, massage, or yoga. Avoid triggers. As much as possible avoid factors that can trigger you to smoke, such as hanging out with fellow smokers. Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Nicotine is known to be a cause of addiction in smokers. This procedure aims to reduce to eliminate the desire to return to smoking. These therapies include: chewing gum, mouth sprays, and so on. Medicines prescribed by doctors, because smokers who usually start to quit smoking will experience depression. So that doctors will deal with the medical and psychological impact of depression. Involve family and friends. Behavioral therapy, is a form of counseling that helps identify and focus on finding strategies to quit smoking. Cleaning the house, with the aim of removing the smell of cigarettes. Keep trying. It is possible that someone who starts to quit smoking will experience failure. So keep trying and try other ways. Sports, aims to divert the desire to return to smoking. In addition, to provide fitness to the body. Healthy diet. Avoid the diet process while in the smoking cessation stage to avoid failure in both. Think of the advantages, such as: a healthier body, saving costs, avoiding the family from the dangers of cigarette smoke or passive smoking, and so on. Hypnosis, is the process of focusing the mind in a relaxed state to change behavior through a professional hypnosis therapist. Acupuncture, through a licensed therapeutic instructor.

If you experience complaints about the desire to return to smoking, you can try to combine the 13 methods above. If the complaints you feel are getting more and more disturbing, it's a good idea to visit the doctor immediately to get the right treatment.

Further article on the Dangers of Smoking.

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