Rapid Breathing And Cough In Children Aged 1 Year.?

Illustration of Rapid Breathing And Cough In Children Aged 1 Year.?
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Hello I want to ask my child aged 1 year sick how many days the breath is too fast and coughing how to overcome them.

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Basically a child's breath is indeed faster than an adult's breath. The number of breaths of children aged 1 year can range between 20-30 times per minute. If your child's breath is faster than this amount, then it can be said that your child is experiencing rapid breathing / tachypnea. If your child does experience rapid breathing accompanied by other symptoms of shortness of breath (nasal lobes appear flat and flat when breathing, visible traction at the top of the sternum, visible traction between the ribs during breathing), you hear the sound of breathing not normal (breathing sounds), your child has a high fever, or the child looks weak and there is a disturbance of consciousness (the child looks sleepless and difficult to wake up), you should immediately take your child to the hospital and do not delay.

Under conditions such as those mentioned above, handling cannot be done alone at home. The child must get further tests (including blood tests and chest X-ray) to ensure there are no dangerous conditions such as pneumonia in children. If there are no danger signs mentioned above, you should still consult your child at the pediatrician if the cough has occurred for more than 5 days and there is no improvement.

You can do some of this at home:

Make sure your child drinks more, especially if the child has a fever
Keep giving healthy and complete nutritious food to children
Let the child sleep more
In children over 1 year, you can give honey to children (half to 1 tablespoon, especially at night before the child sleeps). You can give honey directly, or mix it in water, lemon juice, or other drinks that your child likes.

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