Rapid Mood Swings (happy-sad-angry), What Is Bipolar?

Hello r nI want to ask, my friend is 17 years old, my friend often changes his attitude, from he feels very happy to suddenly turns to very sad and sometimes he immediately gets angry. And he also likes to feel dizzy like being tied up, and sometimes feel dizzy behind the eyes, and sometimes he also likes to forget what he just said. Do you think that’s why?

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Hello Dwi

Although complaints of rapid mood swings are often associated with bipolar disorder, there is no guarantee that the person is actually bipolar. Because rapid mood swings can be influenced by various things, for example, when your friend was sad at first, but when there was a problem that made him angry, your friend exploded. Vice versa, when someone is angry, it may turn out that a few moments later he experiences a situation that makes him sad. So don't jump to the conclusion that your friend is bipolar, Dwi.

Someone often forgets because they tend to be clumsy, lack concentration, pay less attention (ignorant, underestimate something they have seen / heard before), lack of sleep, or are in a state of illness. While complaints of headaches behind the eyes can be caused by cluster type headaches, myopic eyes (minus / cylinder / plus eyes), glaucoma, or due to trauma (frequent rubbing of the eyes for example).

A person's mental and psychological health cannot be ascertained only from behavioral symptoms that appear to be carried out by that person, doctors need to conduct interviews about a more in-depth medical history of the patient and also close or daily people (parents, siblings). . Then a medical examination also needs to be done to ensure that there are no medical conditions or diseases in the body, because there are also psychological complaints that the source of the problem is due to the physical illness of the person.

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